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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

up-cycle shirt to hairband (edit- also added a strap to a bag for a cell phone pocket)

I had a very old shirt that was worn thin but still fit nicely. But then it got a stain on it that I couldn't get out so I decided to up-cycle it into a hairband. I constantly need new hairbands because my kids get them and use them for various fun, imaginative play that inevitably ruins them before I discover the mischief.

It's really simple: start with an old shirt.

Cut a thick band off the bottom.

And twist (pictorial tutorial at bottom).

The end.

If you want a prettier knot, I've found some great tutorials on YouTube. But if you just want to get your hair out of your eyes, this is as simple as an up-cycle gets! Voila! Finish of the 'do with a lateral braid for a nice touch.

edit add>>
I've been wanting a "pocket" for my cell phone for when I don't have any pockets on my clothes. So I used more of the poor shirt as a strap. I just cut and hand stitched it in. It isn't fancy at all. It works though!

how it hangs empty

how it hangs while carrying a mobile
Pictorial Tutorial for Twisting
start with a loop

make a figure 8

continue in the same twist
bend one side on top of the other
pick it up like this so you don't undo your twisting

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