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Friday, June 29, 2018

read scripture aloud

Many of you received person invitations from me inviting you to come eat food and read the letter to the Ephesians. I am so excited to be writing that we had fun and gained some insight in how to make the next one run even smoother.

I was inspired by The Bible Project broadcast about Reading Scripture Aloud

I hope you will try it on your own. Or consider joining us when we finish reading Ephesians. We got through chapters 1-3 tonight.

As you can see from these clips, we had babies and kids being a distraction and themselves distracted. And that's ok. We took turns reading and then we shared a couple of observations. Our biggest take-away was that we are to be loving just like God is loving and the way we show that love is by sacrificially serving others.

so much food!

people and food




watching TBP video I shared above


he says he wants to be a preacher now

she slept through the whole thing

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