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Friday, June 29, 2018

read scripture aloud

Many of you received person invitations from me inviting you to come eat food and read the letter to the Ephesians. I am so excited to be writing that we had fun and gained some insight in how to make the next one run even smoother.

I was inspired by The Bible Project broadcast about Reading Scripture Aloud

I hope you will try it on your own. Or consider joining us when we finish reading Ephesians. We got through chapters 1-3 tonight.

As you can see from these clips, we had babies and kids being a distraction and themselves distracted. And that's ok. We took turns reading and then we shared a couple of observations. Our biggest take-away was that we are to be loving just like God is loving and the way we show that love is by sacrificially serving others.

so much food!

people and food




watching TBP video I shared above


he says he wants to be a preacher now

she slept through the whole thing

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

up-cycle shirt to hairband (edit- also added a strap to a bag for a cell phone pocket)

I had a very old shirt that was worn thin but still fit nicely. But then it got a stain on it that I couldn't get out so I decided to up-cycle it into a hairband. I constantly need new hairbands because my kids get them and use them for various fun, imaginative play that inevitably ruins them before I discover the mischief.

It's really simple: start with an old shirt.

Cut a thick band off the bottom.

And twist (pictorial tutorial at bottom).

The end.

If you want a prettier knot, I've found some great tutorials on YouTube. But if you just want to get your hair out of your eyes, this is as simple as an up-cycle gets! Voila! Finish of the 'do with a lateral braid for a nice touch.

edit add>>
I've been wanting a "pocket" for my cell phone for when I don't have any pockets on my clothes. So I used more of the poor shirt as a strap. I just cut and hand stitched it in. It isn't fancy at all. It works though!

how it hangs empty

how it hangs while carrying a mobile
Pictorial Tutorial for Twisting
start with a loop

make a figure 8

continue in the same twist
bend one side on top of the other
pick it up like this so you don't undo your twisting

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

loving day

Lauren + Felipe 
June 12 is National Loving Day celebrating the end of banning interracial marriage. Some 42 years later, Felipe and I would get married slightly unaware that this law protected us. So bizarre.

Yesterday, I received Trillia Newbell's book God's Very Good Idea. I read it to Caleb. Caleb said a couple of interesting things.

First know that we don't have any pictures of Jesus hanging in our house. Jesus makes a pictorial appearance in Jesus Storybook Bible book and DVD and in maybe some Christmas books we have at our house. We absolutely do not have any blonde Jesuses. Caleb noticed how Catalina Echeverri drew Jesus. His words that he chose were interesting. He said, "But why isn't he plain? He is dark."

My kids insist they are not white but pink. And despite the brown influence of their father, Felipe, they all have to be outdoors for hours before they tan. Caleb is especially almost translucent and the only exception to tanning.

I explained to Caleb that Jesus looked more like that picture than he did like us. I was genuinely surprised that he didn't already know that because I thought we spoke about it a lot. But maybe what I'm recalling is talking to Felipe about it, and since Caleb rarely pays attention to anything except Minecraft and Mario, he didn't know.
God's Very Good Idea 

Jesus Storybook Bible

The other interesting thing Caleb said was at the end. "Well if God said it, it must be true." That made me smile. Thanks Trillia Newbell and Catalina Echeverri for giving me a great book to talk to my kids about Jesus!

Consider talking to your own kids about the white-washed Jesus and the truths of Scripture which are sadly often different from the truths of the church. Here's a great article on why it matters.