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Saturday, May 19, 2018

thoughts on elijah

Here are some of my passing thoughts on Elijah. I'm not studying him. I only read through his story. You can read it in 1 Kings 17.

I feel like I relate to him in a small way. I'm not a prophet but it seems whenever I start speaking truth to God's people that might be uncomfortable for them to hear, they try to get rid of me, including most recently lying to CPS and showing favor to liars instead of helping the oppressed. The tiny bit of injustice that I've been served from my church makes me marvel at the restraint of entire people groups within the US.

So I've faced my Ahabs.

I've not had any miraculous flour and oil jars. But I feel like I've seen God show up in other ways while I mock people's idols. And then the next day ran and hid because I suddenly forgot God's provision and love for me.

I've helped others when they were lost and crying but I had no one to help me when I was lost and crying. I got lost in February. I cry myself to sleep and sometimes don't sleep at all. It's getting better. The Holy Spirit is my only help. I don't know why the church doesn't care for me. The church isn't the Church. The church enjoys her Baals. She doesn't enjoy me pointing it out.

Today I wait (but not hiding in a small cave) listening for the still, unwavering, whispered voice of the Lord. He is reminding me:

I'd rather be Elijah in the wilderness than Jezebel in the palace.

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