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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

remembering thinklings rip

A long time ago when I was living in Mississippi I did a web search trying to find something completely trivial. I don't remember what it was. But I saw an interesting link that would launch me down a path that would change my life.

That site was called and that name reminded me of CS Lewis's gang called Inklings so I figured this group must be okay. And they were.

Thinklings is a group of men who discuss things in an intelligent manner and who welcomed many people into that circle to comment on their discussions. I was one of the people they welcomed and it's one of two or three groups I've ever felt welcomed in. (The other two groups being d-group and #adultballerinagang on instagram.) They put up with a lot from me in my immaturity and helped me grow into a strong woman of God. 

The link is good. Go visit:

On the left you can see links to the 5 Thinklings: Jared, Blo, Phil, Bird, Bill. And beneath that:
They included those blogs of those who they liked. I've tried to see if anyone else is still active. Not many are. I'm going through some really bad stuff right now and I wish we had stayed in touch. 

Guys, if you're reading this, I could really use your help. If it helps, my brother-in-law owns a pipe and cigar shop and I'm sure I could hook you guys up!