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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

thoughts on God as father

For D-Group last week we started reading Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves. Even the introduction was great. In the first chapter there was a bit about Arius being a dummy. Do you remember Arius? He's the same man that jolly ol' St. Nicholas slapped (punched?) for being heretical at the Council of Nicaea. Hashtag Fun Fact.

But the real fun facts I thought during the reading was the following section about God as The Loving Father. God refers to himself as Father since forever. What was he the Father of though? Israel is the Lord's firstborn son. So then is God dependent on Israel? That seems like God needs Israel to be a Father. Unless he was Father before Israel. Maybe Isaac? So God is dependent on Isaac? Abraham? Noah? Adam? Did God create Adam because he wanted to be a dad? Does God need us?

We know that God does not need us. God must have another child that is not one of us. Those of us in the A.D. know that our time is even named after him. Jesus is the Son of God. Begotten, not made. He is part of the mystery of God. God is the Father and Jesus is the Son. Before time began there they were.

I wonder how Jews reconcile this idea. I will probably look into it. But I imagine if they take "Elohim" (plural) from Genesis 1:26 and "Father" from Deuteronomy 32:6 with the revelation that God chose them because he is awesome and not them, they would eventually realize their Messiah has come.

One other thought I had was how we use nature to help us understand God. Like fatherhood: we think that God is trying to explain how he feels about us and thinks, "oh they have fathers, I'll tell them I'm like a father to them." When really what happened is that God is the Father and thought, "I will create fatherhood in them to mirror what I am." He created us in his image. He didn't create himself in our image.

Realizing that God is first will help a lot of our attempts at understanding him. Realizing that we will always be tempted to put ourselves first will help us realize how selfish and depraved we are. Even as saints we still have sin that we must overcome with fear and trembling. #FunFact

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