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Monday, October 23, 2017

31 prayer cards - free printout

taken from my driveway
    I started this project thinking of what to pray for my children. What I discovered was that as I searched for 31 topics to pray for my children, I found 31 topics to pray for myself...and my mentees...and everyone. You can apply to whomever you wish: yourself, your friend, your child, a mentee, or even your leaders.

I got these straight from the Bible. I made prayer cards, a bookmark, and 2 styles of prayer journal print-outs.

I got some artistic help from
my youngest daughter.
Here are the prayer cards

These prayer cards are meant to be read at the beginning of your day and then carried with you throughout the day. You should place your card in a visible location like next to your computer screen, the back of your phone, bathroom mirror, bookmark, or in your pocket. Every time you see or feel the card, let it remind you to pray. You should feel free to use prayer cards however you think it will most benefit you.

Here's an actual bookmark
I would use this bookmark after your 31 days are over. Use it as a consistent reminder of what you prayed for and what you can continue to pray for. But you are welcome to use it as your primary cue and share one with your prayer partners or your accountability partners.

You could color this too.
Here is a mini journal
I bound these pages with staples but you are welcome to be creative with the binding. Use the journaling space to write out your own prayer using the prayer prompt. Write down someone's name or several names of people you are wanting to intercede for. Or you can use the space to write out answers or other verses that reflect the same topic to be prayed for.

It will look different than this.
This was a test I did online and
not an actual print-out. I like the
daisies though.
Here are the full page print outs
The full page print-outs are perfect for those of us who tend to
have a lot to write. Use the full page as you would the mini page. I've tested a page on decorative sheets but you are encouraged to use your own creativity on these pages. In fact, if you are an artistic person, I'd love to see you "beautify" these pages! PLEEEEEASE let me see what you do.

You are free to share these pages. Let me know if this project was helpful to you.

This is my idea of an ocean wave. Maybe it's abstract...

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