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Thursday, September 14, 2017

that was hard (Lucas Xavier's birth story)

By my calculations his due date was August 31. My midwife Mercy, who knows a lot more about these things, said September 1. But I had a feeling it would be much longer than that because my kids have all ranged from 5-15 days late. With all the other babies I tried every trick to start labor or turn false labor true. Nothing ever worked and only left me exhausted. So I did no tricks this time. I even prayed but God's plan was not altered.

For 3 weeks I've had bouts of false labor every few days. This week, I had bouts every day that were so realistic that I canceled plans! The big kids played at the Gonzalez's house all day Tuesday BECAUSE MY WATER BROKE. The midwives came over and spent the night as contractions faded away. And in a truly over-the-top-and-competely-way-too-dramatic-Lauren Mulford-way, the sac resealed itself.

Wednesday was Micah's 6th birthday. He was hoping for a birthday buddy. Micah asked if we could name the baby "Toot" claiming that it came to him in a dream. So, Baby's nickname is Toot (or Toots). Around 8pm some more contractions started.

Thursday at 4am I awoke to sharp contractions right on top of each other. I had to cancel my Thursday morning ballet class which really bummed me out. I love that class. I thought this was more false labor. But these contractions were so intense that real or not, I couldn't handle them.

My D-Group (well, every d-group) has been memorizing Isaiah 52 these past 12 weeks. The verse that has been my tether to sanity and holiness has been, "The Lord will go before you and the God of Israel will be your read guard." I would repeat that verse over and over these past few weeks. It got me through the worst of my mind games. During labor right before the end there's a period of about 15 minutes to an hour where baby is getting into his final position and mama is thinking of how to escape and give up. I could recognize it and got the midwives back over here telling them I was "in transition."

[mini-preaching: Transition is that time where you look around at the news and get filled with despair. It's when you hear of landslides and fires that kill thousands. It's when you see your house flooded and extremists marching in cities and so many Americans think of Jesus as a white Republican. You look around thinking that there's no way to survive this. There's no hope for humanity. Christians don't even know Christ. What can we do except give up and escape? But God has the answer in Matthew 24:13, "But the one who endures until the end will be saved." -both in normal labor and eschatology. /sermon]

Holly woke up early and was so excited that she stayed up to be my first "labor buddy" of the day.

I visited the chiropractor and that kicked the contractions into real action. I got into the tub hoping that would make things easier. It does help but short of drugs, there is no "easy labor". I don't think I'll do that again. I wanted to die. I envisioned my body being popped apart like a toy skeleton. I also fell asleep between contractions and hallucinated. Guys, I was exhausted. I still am.

I decided to get out of the tub and head over to the bed. This is much easier to type; in reality I needed help and it still took me a minute to go the dozen feet. And my second labor buddy joined me. I had dreamt of Zoë helping me through labor. She's a real hero. I needed Felipe to hold my leg because I didn't have any strength left. And I squeezed Zoë with each push. She snuggled up to me and was so helpful and sympathetic. She's not yet 2! What an angel. I don't think I could have done it without her. I'm so grateful for a home birth where my big baby was able to participate.

Baby Lucas took about five sets of pushes to get his ginormous head out. And another couple sets to get the rest of his body out. It was HARD. I was so sleepy but knew I had to push through the exhaustion. Just another push and I could be done! And here he is! His position was a bit off because he had his hand pressed against his face. I thought that might be the case because several times over the last few weeks I felt him punch me and right before he came out he punched me again. HA! What a stinker!

We had to wait to find out Baby's sex until birth and so we had two names picked out, Lucas and Brooke. Holly is still waiting for Brooke to be born...I've tried explaining it to her but she has made up her mind that we WILL be having another baby. ha! She told me last week that as soon as the baby was born she was going to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to him. And she did. It was adorable!

Caleb can't stop saying how cute and adorable Lucas is. His voice gets super squeaky. Caleb is the best oldest child ever. He is so loving!

Micah right away wanted to sing to him. Lucas loved it. He stopped fussing and tried to focus on Micah. Then Micah went and got a toy that sang and gave it to him as a gift.

Guys, I have the best kids!




Mama and Toot

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