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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

tiara wearing first

My friend, Lissa, has inspired me with her hashtag #tiarawearingfirst It speaks to the royalty of children of God. If God is King, and I am his heir, then I am a princess. I wear a tiara. If I am a follower of Christ then I should desire to read God's Word and follow it. Lissa starts her day with Bible reading. For some reason, the quirkiness of "wearing a tiara" makes a daily devotion time more enjoyable. It helps me to see the privilege of being able to read God's Word. Instead of begrudgingly reading my Bible and fearing boredom, I read it gladly. Wearing a tiara, helps me rightly see that I should be excited about spending time with God just like wearing a tiara is exciting. It means I am special. I am the daughter of someone special. 

To help me align my heart and mind before diving into Scripture, I pray. Otherwise I get in the habit of speed reading just to get it over with. Obviously not the right attitude to go into the most important part of existence.

I wrote a prayer that I change every now and again but the same meaning is there. I change it so that the prayer doesn't become route memorization. I don't want to just be saying words. I want my heart to be speaking genuine desire. 

Here is my prayer:
Heavenly Father,

As I read Your Word, use it to cleanse me of impurities, convict me of sin, and encourage me in righteousness. 

Help me to focus on You. Help me to enjoy You. Help me to worship You. Help me to become more like You every day.

Here's an image of this morning tiara wearing first session. My daughter was coloring my written out prayer. She woke as I was starting. It's ok for tiara wearing to be sloppy looking. It's the heart that matters.

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