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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ballerina sticks

This week I go back into the theater after a ten year hiatus.

It's also the week before Valentines!

There are many children in this production and I thought I'd make a cute Valentine for them. Then I thought that maybe some of the not-quite-children dancers would want one. So I made a bunch. And to be sure to save anyone's feelings, I'm bringing extra supplies to make more if need be!

Supplies are easy:
popcycle sticks
black pen
colored markers
mini cupcake liners
colored cereal (I used Tootie Fruties but any circle will work even Trix)

And assemble as shown. It's that easy. I found drawing all the shoes/faces/leaotards, coloring each accordingly, then gluing all the buns, then gluing all the tutus to be easier rather than completely assembling each ballerina.

For my homeschooled ballerinas.

I'll attach a note saying "Love, Lauren" and that's it!
You could add variation by using an M&M for the bun and using frosting to adhere it so its edible. Or use a wrapped candy. If you want to share your version, please share it! I'd love to see it!

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