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Friday, September 30, 2016

micah and the venus fly trap

[UPDATED below]
Last year my then-four-year-old discovered Venus Fly Traps. He wanted one. I've wanted one too because they're cool. I had some seeds that never grew once. I didn't want to purchase one of those kits again because then you have to wait for the plant to grow and so much can go wrong in the meantime. So I told Micah that if we ever saw one at the store then we could buy it. TODAY WAS THAT DAY!

Adventures in homeschooling!

Now we get to learn about plants. My teacher-mind is going nuts with all the plant cell pictures we can draw and learn about the anatomy of VFTs. Plus we learned what a "nutrient" is! I think I may even get David Attenborough to help us.

Here's Micah's drawing, aka Kindergarten report:
Micah explained that his plant is on the left with a heart on the top left side. You can also see a fly in his jar with a smiley face. "Venus fly trap" is titled across the top. He signed his name and drew a picture of himself above his signature. The plant on the right is Holly's. He drew it for her with a heart, smiley fly, and picture of Holly above her "name". The scribbles are his attempt to write, "This is Holly's Venus Fly Trap" but he doesn't know how to spell, he clarified for me.

We captured a fly and trapped him in the jar but the little bugger found a hole to escape. That fly even landed on Micah's head at one point as if to mock us in our efforts to feed him to our pet plant.

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