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Thursday, June 30, 2016

caleb's bridge

I am attending a bible study on Wednesday mornings this summer. The gal in charge asked me to present Scripture that goes along with the Bridge illustration similar to the video found at the bottom of THIS page. I'd never presented anything to anyone before then so I reviewed the video and practiced once. Caleb had awoken moments before I pressed play and was still half asleep when I watched the video. He asked me about each step as I did my practice.  I didn't think much of it until today.

Earlier today, Caleb was playing with a necklace of mine he found. He likes to use his feet and press objects into the air while he lies on his back. Today, it was my necklace. I've told him not to do this many times because he doesn't have control of the objects and he usually falls over and hits whoever is next to him. Today, he broke my necklace and the beads went everywhere. I wasn't upset because I've had the necklace for a long time and only wore it once. It isn't my style. But I thought this would be a "teachable moment". I explained that I had to help him clean up because he broke something of mine. He did something bad, and I have to pay the price. (He helped me clean up the beads) I told him how Jesus died on the cross because Caleb did bad things and Mommy did bad things, but it was Jesus who paid the price so we wouldn't have to pay it.

A short while later this morning, we read about Abram becoming Abraham and Sarai becoming Sarah. (Devotional #8 in THIS Bible) I always have the kids draw a picture of what we read after I'm finished reading. They rarely draw something relevant. Usually it's snails and bugs and happy faces. But today Caleb wrote "God" on the right side of his page and "Caleb" on the left side. He drew a chasm between them with flames down below (or are they spikes? He likes spikes.). Then he drew a bridge that looked very similar to a cross to bridge the gap between "Caleb" and "God".

You don't think your kids are paying attention, but they are. Be careful what you say to them and around them and be aware who else is around them. Fill your kids with Christ and his goodness. You never know what will stick. And remember that if you think you've screwed up and there's no coming back, God's grace covers you too. His mercies are new every day.

Zoe is trying to draw too!

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