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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

bug playground for micah

Micah is four. Micah loves everything and everyone. Micah loves mud and bugs. Micah collects bugs. He likes to keep earthworms in my cups. He keeps snails in my cups. He keeps grasshoppers in his pockets. I had some mason jars that I thought would be a better solution but I didn't have a way to let air in.

At Goodwill we found a "magnifying glass" with an insect tube and tweezers for collection. But as you can imagine, for a dollar it didn't last very long before it broke. So my hunt for a solution continued.

I found a "bug playground" on amazon and so far Micah loves it! We just got it today. It was easy to assemble. It took about 5 minutes. It's smaller than I expected but big enough for bugs. It seems like it's the right size for a four year old boy. I do not think it is worth the $15 I paid for it. It comes with a pair of collections tweezers too.

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