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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

a thought on thoughts

Driving home from teaching my homeschool ballet class today I started thinking about the stories my friends told me about rude strangers who have offered their unsolicited opinions to them while at the store or play ground or elsewhere in public. I started imagining what I would do in similar situations. Then my imagination got carried away and I started thinking of more and more sitcom-esque scenarios. These things never happen to me but I actually spend a lot of time thinking about how my response should be just in case. 

Why do I do this to myself? I wondered. It cause myself quite a bit of anxiety over things that never happen so that I won't feel anxiety in the moment of when it does happen.

What if I started imagining good things happening to myself? So I tried imagining a scene where a stranger came up and offered me a bunch of money. It was to far-fetched. Then I tried imagining someone coming up and complementing my children. This actually happens often. And it makes me feel good. I should imagine that instead every time.

Maybe you could try it too. If you're like me and day dream horror stories, instead day dream about amazing things. What would that be like? I'm hoping that my entire demeanor changes. I'm hoping that I'll relax. I'm hoping that it helps with adrenal fatigue. I'm hoping that I'll become kinder and less on-edge all the time. I'm hoping I'll be more patient with my kids. 

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