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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Under the Sea Bible review + giveaway

This week we received a copy of Zondervan's Under the Sea Bible to review and giveaway! We are always so excited about reviewing things.

It has very beautiful cover that glistens with the textured and glittered fish and sea creatures. This will be beneficial in attracting youngster's attention. There isn't anything too special about the theme of "under the sea" throughout this Bible. There are only three pages with any additional content. Those pages include a "how to pray" guide, which I like! There's a list of the books of the Bible. There's a list of famous Bible children and where their stories can be found. The Ten Commandments made the colorful page debut in the form of "Ten Commandments for Kids" with a simplification and explanation of what "adultery" is, which is awesome. And then the ABCs of becoming a Christian which is beautifully simple and well explained here.

The version is NIrV which is the New International Reader's Version. NIrV is a descendant of NIV which is a descendant of KJV. What is particularly valuable in the NIrV is the shortened sentence structure and the replacement of longer words with simpler words. Does it stay true to the inspired Scripture? You can decide that for yourself. I personally prefer ESV and NASB, but I can't deny that the NIV is very easy to read. The NIrV is at a 3rd grade reading level. But it is in the "gender neutral controversy".

Read about the NIrV HERE

For the Giveaway simply make a comment below and I will select a winner at random on Friday!
(multiple entries does not give you multiple chances)