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Thursday, March 17, 2016

st. patty treasure hunt

The first treasure hunt I remember doing was when I was attending VBS at a Lutheran church. We split up into teams. Each team was assigned a color and our clues were in a different order and we had to return with all our clues to win. I was like 7. All my teammates were the same age ± a year or two. I was the only advance reader and while we were assigned an adult to help us she quickly quit because she had to help another group. Our assigned leader, the oldest kid, was not doing anything. He stood there with a blank expression like he hadn't even been listening to the instructions. So I took over. Now that I think of it that was my first memory of "taking charge". The entire program was disorganized. Our color was slightly off another group's color. We looked at the appropriate place for our clue and accidentally took another group's clue. Oops!

Anyway, I asked an older kid if we won once I corrected our mistake and she lied and told me we were last. I saw other groups still coming in and knew she was lying but I could also tell the whole thing was very disorganized and I was betting that since it was VBS we were all getting the prize. And we all got the prize.

For my kids this morning, I wrote their names on two clues each. Micah really liked that part! They had so much fun finding treasure!

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