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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

to visit orphans in their affliction

"to visit in their afflictions" means to care for them.

Felipe and I are completely open to adopting. I hate it that some children feel unwanted. I wish I could take them all and provide for them all and make them all feel loved. Particularly this group of seven siblings is being told that couples only want 1 or 2 of them and "can you separate them?" As if these kids are in a garage sale. We have a big huge stupid house that only makes sense to own if we fill it with children. So why don't we take these guys?

And like that I contacted the necessary people to make that happen. We have many obstacles in our way. First, these kids are in Arkansas. We are in Texas. We have yet to do a home study. I don't even know what's involved with a home study. We don't have a big enough vehicle. We don't even have a big enough fridge. We don't have enough beds. But we do have enough space and we do have enough heart. We just want to follow God and God says to take care of them. 

Nissan NV Passenger van is about $40,000
A second fridge is about $1,000
Seven beds is around $1000 + $1400 (frames plus mattresses)
Curriculum for 4 is $1000
Legal costs are unknown but multiplied by seven
Then there's food, clothing, activities like seeing Star Wars, and we would never go on vacation again lol! I'm okay with that. That's a small price to pay for these children to feel loved and wanted. 
Do these look like prison bunks? Pretty sheets and some stuffed animals will fix that.

Will this fit under the bunk beds?

So what are the chances of us getting these kids? Probably 99% unlikely. But if God wills it, it'll happen and we are more than willing - we want to adopt. If pursuing this adoption of these seven siblings accomplishes nothing except that the kids hear that another family wants them, then that's something. As long as someone gets them. There are four other families inquiring about them. 

Some people are called to adopt and some people are called to empower others to adopt. But every Christian is commanded to care for them in one way or another. If Christ hadn't adopted us, we would be unwanted and enslaved to sin. By his mercy and grace he has ransomed us as great cost. I am willing to die to myself daily (deny myself pampering and an easy life) to pursue these children. 

I'll let you know if anything develops. 

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