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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ornaments for curriculum

(update below)
We had a good day today.

The church gave the kids these sticker books telling story of Jesus' birth and we used those for school today.

There were sticker matching, connect the dots, what's-different, mazes, and other activities that seemed like a nice way to have a low-key school day. We haven't bought a formal curriculum yet and I'm hoping to pinpoint which one to buy this week. There's so many to choose from that it's overwhelming. The prices range is ridiculous. Complete curriculum costs anywhere from $100 to close to $1000 per child. I'm sure we could spend more than that if we wanted. I'm reminded of all those public school kids who have their tuition paid for by the state and yet still have their cookie dough selling fundraisers and their christmas wrapping paper fundraisers and their fern plants selling fundraisers. I heard a story recently about this guy who was told if you sell so many items then you'll win a vacation to Disney World! But his mother told him that if his friends and family wanted to send him to Disney, wouldn't they just donate the money to him instead of buying cheap junk to hopefully send him? 

Anyway, these activity books told the story of Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem and having no room in the inn gave birth in the stable. The kids seemed to enjoy it. 

I'm trying this new model to my day where I wake super early and get as much of my data entry job done before the kids wake. Then I focus on only homeschooling and housekeeping until Felipe gets home. Then I got back to data entry. So since I was focussing on the kids, we painted ornaments.

Holly painted the yellow set on the right. So cute. The kids even helped cut the shapes out last night. Mostly they just did stars and stars and stars but then a few balls and circles and even one Christmas tree. So here's the deal: If you want to make any donation to our curriculum fund-raising we'll send you one of these ornaments of your choice with a hand-made Christmas card! Doesn't that sound exciting?! You'll never see craftsmanship quite like this, ladies and gentlemen. (I mean that the only value these hold is that three amazingly adorable children made them.) And thus reveals my desperation. Also, just pray that Felipe starts to make more money. I have my job and I'm teaching ballet (which doesn't really make money) and I'm super frugal. I get rather frustrated if I think about it too long. At least Felipe is happy at his new job and is doing good. If you want an ornament, let me know, otherwise let's pretend I'm not serious. 
Once painting was done I let the kids eat cookies on the floor. Caleb was explaining the different shapes to Holly and then quizzing her. It was so adorable. Then Micah joined and they made letters out of the stick cookies. I didn't tell them to do any of that! Learning must be fun when you have cookies! But cookies don't count for curriculum! ha! Well, maybe in my kids' dreams they do!

update 12/8/15 - I visited the used curriculum store and they didn't have what I wanted. ACE is about $450 for the boys' level. I'm going to continue to use the curriculum I have that was given to me from a friend until we can afford ACE.

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  1. I can tell you first hand that some schools have absolutely no choice. They have to sell cookie dough or some other fundraising products.