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Monday, December 14, 2015

finally tried jamberry

Today was crazy as seems my new usual. We got Holly's two year vaccines and headed to Chikfila. Then we walked to our neighborhood playground because over an hour Chikfila just wasn't enough. Texas in December is flip-flop weather. This morning was cold, and this afternoon was hot. The playground was wet so we immediately turned around and went home.
I'm trying to figure out where I belong in my church. Where do I serve? What Bible studies do I sign-up for? I want to figure out my schedule with my part-time job along with my new ballet classes along with my even newer ballet classes. Where do I fit in being president of DCHSA? Have I mentioned even homeschooling my own littles yet? Where am I going to get the money for the curriculum we need? What about swim lessons? I need money and cooperation from my husband for that. Today we did 5 days of the Advent calendar because that's how far behind we were. I want to incorporate what we learned from John Hardison at church on Sunday about reading a Proverb chapter a day with the kids. I forgot today. Are we supposed to move? I hate this house. It's so far away from everything. Why do I hate something that God was so pleased to give me? Why do I turn everything into a guilt-trip?

I've been trying to apply these Jamberry nail wraps that my friend Amanda gave me to try since I got them about a month ago. Finally I just stopped everything and applied them. I didn't technically have time but I did it. I don't have time to be writing this, lol! But here I am. I just need a moment to think. Typing helps me think.

These are beautiful and easy to apply. If you want to order some from Amanda, go here: I get nothing out of your purchase. This is not an affiliated link. I just like the wraps and think you might too. I even used the leftover bits for Holly. So cute!

These are my homeschool ballerinas. I love them. They had their first show after just six weeks with me at a local retirement community. They did so well.

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