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Monday, December 21, 2015

family coffee date

Every time I try to lead our family in some God-centric activity it fails. I made an Advent Calendar and I'm the only one interested in it. I've given up on it. I've been hoping that my husband would take the lead since we got married almost 7 years ago and recently at church I decided that I would pray that God would awaken a desire in him to lead our family in either daily prayers or Bible reading or study. Since I needed him to lead it, I couldn't say anything to him about it.

John Hardison visited our Sunday School class and told how he and his family just read one chapter from Proverbs together as a family every morning. That's it. They sit, read, and leave. So simple!

Felipe decided to use this idea as a starting block for our own family. Praise God! Finally! I'm so excited.

We are not a morning family. But we'd like to be. To make the transition easier Felipe took us to Starbucks this morning to read Proverbs and I got doughnuts as a special treat for the kids. We sat and read Proverbs 21 and Felipe went to work and the kids and I went home. That's it! It was great!

I'm so sleepy!

But we'll do this again every day this week, except probably not Christmas morning since it won't be open; we'll have to find something that is open. The idea is that for this week only we will meet at Starbucks before work to make the transition to mornings more enjoyable. Then next week we do it at home.

So great!

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