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Thursday, November 26, 2015

thanksgiving with homeschoolers

Thanksgiving in a homeschool household means...

you don't get a break from school because you're already there!

But they had fun!

 I set up a table with Thanksgiving theme projects. The dining table became the crafts table. The kids had to discipline themselves to keep from touching things. It was so hard for them but they did a good job.

 Micah played with a thankfulness "fortune teller" that I made him. It has questions about what are you thankful for. I had to look up directions - I can't believe I had to look up the directions for something I've done 9,346 times. But once I did I remembered quickly. Ah, childhood.

Caleb and Micah have thankfulness Turkey books. Micah had to spell his name with turkey feathers. Holly matched colors for her turkey.

In summary, I did over an hour of preparation for fun turkey school work for the day that they completed in minutes. I don't think I'll do this again. ha! But it was fun.

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