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Monday, November 30, 2015

advent craft - my first

I've never celebrated any kind of advent event with my kids. On my own I lit candles at church a few times. I've always been interested in advent calendars and something called a Jesse tree where you walk through the Bible leading to Jesus' birth. But I never did anything other than just be interested.

Sunday at church our speaker emphasized and our group discussed various things to do and we were encouraged to do something even if it's just a minute or two before bed. So I put on my creativity cap and went to Pinterest. I rejected Pinterest and all my ideas and threw my materials on the bed hoping something would come together. And it did!

I used 25 toilet paper rolls wrapped in gift wrap to make a tree. Only well afterward did I learn that *real* advent calendars only have 24 days. See I thought on the 25th you open it up to find Jesus. oh well. No big deal. Everything I used was basically trash: an actual box that was headed for the trash, toilet paper rolls, ornaments that were also headed for the trash,a baby Jesus from a broken nativity set, and even a bunch of mismatched gift tags that were headed for the trash.

 I painted a tree for some reason and later decided we'd "hang" the scripture on it after we read them in our Bibles every morning. Someone from our church group printed some suggested readings.

I'm actually going to use THIS one because it starts on Dec 1.

This is my end result:

I put it on my bedroom bookcase next to my Nativity. 

This nativity, unrelated to the advent calendar, is the one I got from a garage sale for either free or like $1 for the kids because I knew they'd break it eventually. 

Sure enough Felipe told me yesterday that he turned around to find Jesus missing his arms. lol! Today I found a bunch of rocking horses in the scene. It's all good.

 In summary, I don't know what I'm doing, but it looks pretty.

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