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Monday, October 26, 2015

NTTA is deceitful and dishonest

For anyone who knows me personally, you know what a terrible end to the pregnancy I had over the past couple of months. We are extremely grateful to finally have baby Zoë here. It's very infrequent that I visit Felipe at work. There's a toll road to get there. As the pregnancy lengthened I increased my visits to Felipe at work and with where I was mentally I just needed to be near my husband. I don't have a toll tag but read the NTTA sign that said to not worry about it because they'd mail me my toll bill.

In April I got a bill, I paid it within a couple hours of receiving it and verifying the dates. Then I got one at the end of August that I passed along to my husband to pay because that's when I started getting REALLY sick, if you remember. I still checked the dates and it looked good.

But then last week I got a notice from a collections agency that I was SO late with NTTA tolls that they tacked on an additional $40+ dollars of late charges. All without ever notifying me.

So my husband called them today and their "professional" response was that they're allowed to lie. They're allowed to be dishonest. They're allowed to lack integrity. They're allowed to be deceitful. They are the ultimate authority and they don't answer to anyone. They can get away with whatever they want because they say so. "because you know when you went through the toll and should have checked our site for the charges." even though that is not what the sign says.

These are the people responsible for such dishonorable charges and disgraceful business practices:

So what do we do with these people? They really do have all the power and the money. And while I'm sure $40 or even $100 is nothing to them, that's a LOT of money for me.

But you've heard me say it before and I'm forced to say it again. This world is not my home. These people belong here. I do not. They value money. I should not. If God wishes to give these people my money instead of a conscience and a heart, that is his business. Money will not last. You can't take money with you. This money is not mine anyway. It is God's.

And that leaves me with no option other than to pray for these people. I can hope that they stop practicing such horrible offenses. I can hope that they stop lying. I can hope that they take responsibility for the company they have chosen to represent. But I have no hope of seeing that $40+ again. And that's okay. What's worth more: $40, even $100, or these people's souls?

So pray for the souls of those people who are able to spitefully use you to further their own cause. They may not regard you. They do not love you. But we are called to be better. We are called to love. We will have no justice on this side of the grave. But my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. Not on money, mammon, and idols.

The bill is paid and I will never drive that road again. It will take a few minutes longer to just take the public streets and not allow them to use me again. This is forgiveness: moving on and learning from my mistake of assuming a company was reputable and honest. That is just not how things work in the country. Even in this great state of Texas. 

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