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Monday, August 17, 2015

pregnancy update

tl/dr: I've been having a lot of contractions but everything's fine.

As of this coming Wednesday I am 35 weeks. With modern technology, it'll be fine if baby Zoë makes an appearance, although I'd prefer a couple more weeks. And in reality she'll probably follow her siblings' examples and show up a week or two after her due date.

We aren't completely sure how far along I am because we didn't have the regular initial clues, but the sonogram claims my due date to be September 23. I'll believe it when I see it.

So yesterday day after church I started to feel a bit odd. I usually drive but had to pull over at a gas station to switch places with Felipe. After awhile I felt a bit better and we eventually made our way to the lake...which was closed. Again. Because of flooding. Again. So we went to a splash pad in our area. I felt fine the entire time we were there as far as I can remember. There was one little girl who kept trying to take my kids' toys away from them, and I wasn't able to eat much; but other than that I felt fine.

Not being able to eat much should have been a big clue though. When we got home I just could not get comfortable. It seemed that every few minutes I felt queasy and crampy and dizzy. At one point Felipe sat next to me on our big Family Chair (reclining chair and a half) and I lost it. I started crying. I was in so much pain. It felt like my entire core was cramping.

Felipe asked what was wrong. And I replied, "I just want to die!" rather dramatically. And he said, "Are you in labor? The last time you said that you gave birth to Holly." And then all the little pieces of the day came together. I was in labor.

But not real labor. I could tell that I was in a dehydration-triggered labor and I just need to drink water and Gatorade and to cool off. I've been so easily over-heated. Pregnancy in the summer is the worst.

So after drinking water and gatorade and even a couple ounces of wine which allegedly helps labor to stop and having nothing help, I decided that we should start driving to the hospital just in case things don't get better. At 35 weeks, I'm pretty sure, I can't use the birthing center. The wine actually took the edge off the pain of the contractions and the long drive was soothing.

Contractions continued but I didn't think we'd actually need to go to the hospital because this same tease has happened at 35-38 weeks with each of my previous pregnancies. My idea was to take a long drive and end up at a Seven-11 and get a treat for the kids and a Gatorade for me. That's actually exactly what happened. Actually, we got lost at one point, which is completely silly since both Felipe and I have smart phones.

Last night's moon was lovely. There will only be one more waxing moon before Zoë is scheduled to come.

Anyway, I went to sleep last night uncomfortable but woke up fine this morning. Yesterday was a nice reminder to get bags together. So that is today's task: get to-go bags together for me and each kid.

I've had contractions every night for an entire week a couple weeks ago. It was nothing exciting, just annoying and painful. In fact, this whole pregnancy has been painful. I was uncomfortable with the other babies, but this one has had so much pain. Every time Zoë moves it's like stabbing.

Last night's moon from a few degrees south.

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