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Thursday, August 13, 2015

caleb's prayer about angry birds -so funny

Every night before we go to sleep we say our prayers. We don't make it anything grandiose or religious; just simple conversation with God. We say what we're grateful for from the day and ask for good rest and a good day tomorrow.

Some of my newer friends don't know that my oldest, Caleb, 5, has been speech delayed for the past few years. There's no reason as to why; he was just too lazy and too busy to bother to learn. haha! But we got him help at Texas Women's University with three different graduate students over the course of a year and he's all caught-up. We may continue with something this fall but haven't decided yet.

Caleb was born shortly after Angry Birds was released and has been fascinated by them the entire time. He really likes the plush toys and he makes-believe stories with them. It's actually been helping him with his speech because he changes his voice for each character, which is hilarious to hear. I try to not buy toys new because that gets expensive. So recently when I found the ultimate Angry Birds collection at a garage sale, I bought them all. This box was hundreds of dollars worth of Angry Birds plushes for just a few dollars and in really great condition! Caleb was ecstatic!

He has a great imagination and would just pretend different balls and legos were pigs and birds. But when I showed him the actual birds and pigs, he was so happy. I had already bought (new, after much searching for used) giant brick blocks that he's been using to recreate Angry Birds scenes.

This leads to this week's reoccurring prayer. When Caleb gets excited or upset he's hard to understand. Thus, I'm not sure of his exact words, but the general idea was, "Thank you God for Jesus and for Angry Birds, and red bird, and black bird, and yellow bird, and Transformer bird (yes, there's a new Transformer's Angry Birds game...), and helmet pig, and king pig, and bruised pig, and..." And he continued to list every bird and pig he has or pretends to have and the games that they're associated with. Felipe and I were laughing so hard that we were wheezing. It was so genuine and adorable. Angry Birds is a very big and real part of Caleb's life. And I'm glad that he feels he should thank God that he's able to play with them. He then finished with a big "AMEN!" and told me that Jesus is in his heart.

With homeschooling I'm trying to work into our day Compassion International children. We haven't sponsored one yet but play to get one "for Caleb". The idea is that along with helping a foreign child, we'll also learn about his culture, write letters, and learn compassion and generosity. Since Caleb had just prayed how grateful he was for Angry Birds I thought this might be a "teachable moment". So I said, "You know, Caleb, some kids are so poor that they aren't able to play with Angry Birds." And the smile left his face. He said, "huh?" And Felipe and I explained that some little kids are just struggling to eat and that we are very fortunate to live in the richest nation and that both Dada and Mama have average jobs that allow us to buy fun things but that not everyone is as fortunate.

He was quiet for awhile and I thought he had fallen asleep. Felipe and I start conversing and I eventually hear Caleb crying. I ask him what's wrong and he can't tell me. So I start guessing. Once I asked if he was sad that not everyone was able to play with Angry Birds he said yes. Aw! I suggested we could share with those children, but he didn't like that idea. I suggested we could buy them their own, and he didn't like that idea either. I suggested maybe those kids' own parents could buy them, and he did like that idea. Oh you poor little selfish boy. It was amusing. And Caleb kept crying. I asked if he was still upset about the poor kids and he said yes but that he would feel better if I bought him a new Angry Birds Star Wars II toy...typical American. He feels bad for poor people and wants to buy himself something to make him feel better. lol! Um, no. We're not going to do that. He'll probably end up getting whatever toy he's talking about anyway eventually, if it even exists. Who knows. Sometimes I think he imagines toys exist that don't yet.
I don't think Jesus looked like this btw.

I spoke to the kids about heaven the other day. I told them that they didn't need to worry about not bringing their toys with them because whatever is in heaven is going to be so much better than what they have here. I told them that I didn't know if there'll be Angry Birds in heaven but not to worry because Jesus will more than fill that gap. And so yesterday Caleb told me he really wants to go to heaven. This kid's heart is so genuine. And I think that's what God meant when he said that we need to become like little children (Mark 10:15). We don't need to understand or believe certain eschatology or creationism or any dogma other than Christ died to save us and we should follow after him. We just need to desire Jesus more than our earthly idols in whatever form they take.

I love my son, Caleb, because he draws me closer to God.

This is a random cake we found on youtube. 

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