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Saturday, July 11, 2015

happy AND short

So this happened today-

I was upstairs in a room that gets HOT. I was vacuuming. That made it even hotter in there. And my daughter was just being in there. There weren't any toys in there. There wasn't anything for her to do. 

I thought, "Why is she in here? Every room I go into, she follows me. She can't possibly be having fun."

She just wanted to be near me. 

She loved me so much that she would rather be in an uncomfortably hot room just standing or lying around than to be outside of my presence. 

It made me smile so big.

It convicted me to tears.

First, my daughter must love me an awful lot. She'd rather be uncomfortable with me than to be anything else without me.

Second, Jesus calls me to love him that way. Do I? I've tested myself and I believe that I do. I've had some miserable situations that I would gladly re-live than to go through a comfortable life without Him. What would be the point of earthly happiness without the joy of the Lord? It actually scares me to think about. Perhaps this is the fear of God?

It is such a wonderful thing to have my children constantly pointing me toward Christ. They complain. I complain. But we still love. Our family was founded on Christ. He is our solid rock. 

My daughter makes me happy because she points me toward the love of God. 

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