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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

gospel in genesis

This is not something that I discovered on my own. I heard a sermon about this a couple of decades ago and it just stuck with me. Not that I memorized the sermon, just the central idea. That idea is that the genealogy of Noah shares the entire Gospel message.

Why even have those long boring genealogies? It shares the history, but is that the primary reason? Specifically for Noah, I don't think so. I don't have a reliable Bible dictionary at my disposal and because of that I will be making this short with only a point or two.

Following along in Genesis 5, this is the genealogy from Adam to Noah:
Adam = man
Seth = appointed
Enosh = mortal
Kenan = possessor/sorrow
Mahalalel = blessed or praise of God
Jared = descended/came down
Enoch, who never died = dedicated/teaching
Methuselah = death shall bring (I've also heard man of God)
Lamech = powerful/despairing (as in those who are despaired)
Noah = rest

This is the Christian gospel as shown through a Hebrew text: Man has been appointed a possessor of mortality or a sorrowful mortality. The Blessed will descend or bring down teaching. And death will then instead bring the despairing rest or the Man of God will bring the despairing rest. 

Those familiar with the gospel will readily recognize this pattern: Adam brought in sin and death that separated us all from God causing great sorrow. God has sent his word both through his prophets and his Son, Jesus. Jesus now brings those who were despairing hope of eternal rest for all those who believe in him. 

My couple points:
  • Who went into Noah's boat? Who went into Rest's protection? Those righteous few who believed.
  • Enoch never died but was instead brought to God and was no longer on Earth. It is interesting that of all the people mentioned, only the one with the name meaning "dedicated/teaching" never died. It's as if the Narrator is saying that his teachings will never die; that the word of the Lord will stand forever. Or that the dedicated of God, those who believe in Jesus, will live forever.
Well that's it. This is just something I was thinking about before bed tonight. I'm wanting to get a real dictionary so I don't have to rely on questionable sources for the English translations of these Hebrews names. If that happens, then I'll update anything significant I read.

**UPDATE 2 YEARS LATER** I found this:

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