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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

prayer guide (7 days to pray for your husband)

The importance of prayer.

This sounds like a plea from the
midst of a bloody battle that they
fear they might not it out.
If nothing else, prayer keeps your mind off things that aren't God.
It's really difficult to pray for people you don't like. Try it some time. Something like, "Dear God, please bless these persons. Renew them. Draw them closer. Save their souls." etc. Use their actual name. Your heart will soften toward that person.
Praying scripture is a sure way to get your prayers heard. Find a verse and pray it. You will learn Scripture in this way too.
Jesus prayed. He often left his followers and went to be alone to pray. He even prayed that there might be another way than being crucified to save us. Surely, if Christ can pray for another way out, we too can pray for another way out. And we should also pray that HIS will be done, not ours...just like Jesus prayed.
Prayer affects change. How many times when the Israelites were wondering in the dessert did they do some bad thing and God desired to be done with them but then "changed his mind" or relented when Moses appealed to him and prayed for mercy?
In this sermon from Gateway Church, Jimmy Evans talks about setting our minds free from the bondage of sin and Satan. He made several outstanding points. The sermon wasn't about prayer, but certainly not altogether a separate topic. Satan is actively trying to defeat you. It's a battle won in the spiritual realm. Combined with Scripture meditation, prayer is the best way to defeat Satan.

To summarize, prayer keeps us from idols, makes us loving, helps us learn Scripture, apply Scripture, be like Jesus, alters outcomes, and overcomes sin and Satan. Why do we not pray more often?

Aside from God's relationship with you, your spouse's relationship with you is most important.

I have done this prayer guide intending it for seven days. Use it as you are lead. Let me know if you were able to use it at all. The prayers are just suggestions. Feel free to use your own words. The importance is not in words but your heart. If your heart is hard toward your husband, you will find it soften as the week goes by. If you relationship is good, you will find it even is strengthened. I have found that most is applicable and convicting to myself as well, perhaps even others. So this isn't necessarily just for husbands even though it is centered around.

1 - pray for his relationship with God
     (Psalm 112:1Mark 12:30)
     Dear Heavenly Father, in your word you instruct us to love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Please work in my husband's heart. Have him devote all of his resources to loving you. Let him continually understand that he will not find fulfillment outside of you. You have also said in your word that we will blessed when we fear you and that we should delight in your commands. I ask that you would keep my husband's heart soft that he will delight and continually fear you. For his soul's sake, and for you glory. Amen.

2 - pray for his relationship with you
     (Ephesians 5:22-33, 1 Timothy 3:8-13)
     Heavenly Father, I have read in the Bible the great amount of responsibility you have placed on my husband, to lead, to serve, and honor me. I realize this is a difficult task to please both you and me. I ask that I would be able to help him in this task. Guide him to know how to lead, when to lead, to let go of his parents and cling only to me. I have also read what you require of deacons and as they are an excellent example I ask that you would work in my husband's life that he should be dignified and honest, loving and kind, and always be a godly leader of his household.

3 - pray for his relationship with others
     (Proverbs 3:4Matthew 9:38Matthew 25:35-40Mark 12:311 Corinthians 10:24)
     Dear God, I ask that you would bless him in his workplace that he would find favor and grace. I ask that you would use my husband as one of the sent ones into the harvest to spread your love and good news. I ask that you would use him to bless "the least of these" and so bless you. I would ask that you would stir in my husband's heart to love his neighbors and coworkers and so shine a light in their lives and to seek their good and well-being.

4 - pray for his mind his thoughts and intellect
     (Philippians 4Colossians 1:9, 1 Peter 3:8-12Romans 15:14, 1 Corinthians 8:1)
     Father in heaven, I ask that you would set before my husband thoughts of truth, and honor, and justice, and purity, and love, and excellence. Guard his mind in Christ Jesus. Fill him with the knowledge of your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Give him unity of mind with you, and with me, and with all those of the faith. Give him a humble mind and a tender heart. Fill him with goodness and knowledge to humbly and lovingly instruct those you direct to ask him. But above all knowledge, I ask that you would give him love to build up those around him.

5 - pray for his physical and spiritual strength
     (Psalm 84:51 Corinthians 16:13Ephesians 6:10-20)
     Father God, bless my husband with strength found only in you. Make his body and spirit strong and healthy. Have him "act like a man" doing everything in love while standing strong in the faith. Have him be strong in the Lord and put on the full armor of God so that he can withstand all spiritual forces of evil.

6 - pray for his sexuality and temptation
     (Matthew 26:41, 1 Corinthians 6:18, 1 Corinthians 10:12)
     Lord God, I ask that you would keep my husband watchful that he would not fall into any temptation. Whenever temptation does arise, empower him to flee that place in his mind or presence. Let him stand firm and take heed so he will not fall.

7 - pray for his path in life and walk with God
     (Psalm 16:11Psalm 23:3Psalm 119:105Proverbs 3:6Romans 6:4, Romans 8:4, 1 John 1:7)
     Almighty God, I ask that you hand would guide my husband to the path of life and that he would never stray. Give him fullness of joy that can only be found in you. Lead him in paths of righteousness so others will rejoice at your name for his well-being. Light his path with your word and direct him to immerse himself in Scripture so his way will be lit. Have him acknowledge you in all things and make his path straight. Have him walk in the newness of life and according to the spirit so to draw others to walk with him. Have him walk in the light as you are in the light and let the blood of Jesus your son cleanse him from all sin. Amen.

This is a list of the topics covered above. Below it is a guide with verses and another one with journal entry space should you choose to go that route. Enjoy! I have no copyright on the Bible or prayers and would never be so arrogant to assume that because I arranged an outline that I do.

Print-friendly outline with verse references

outline with journal entry space

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