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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it is written: loving god's word (latest sermon from gateway church)

Usually I categorize sermons into one of three options, or it's just labelled "bad". My three categories are informative, encouraging, and convicting. Informative sermons tell me some piece of information that I didn't know before but are not specifically encouraging or convicting. Encouraging sermons are just what you would think: sermons that encourage me. And then convicting sermons are those that point out some sin or flaw or short coming that I had previously not noticed or trivialized.

This latest sermon though was all three. I've never heard this specific speaker at my church despite him being a key leader. He put pieces of information I had known independent of each other together. I need to listen to it again. It was rather convicting. I'm a complainer. Listen to the sermon and you'll hopefully see why it was convicting.

But even in the midsts of feeling convicted (convicted, not guilty) I was overcome with the peace that the Spirit brings knowing that I was covered in grace. Compelled to change for the love I have for God, I was encouraged by the very conviction that had been instilled. God corrects those he loves. I am loved.

I am loved.
Loving God's Word | Sermon | 1 | It Is Written | Marcus Brecheen | 02/01/2014
Marcus Brecheen concludes the It Is Written series with the fourth message, “Loving God’s Word.”

(I wish I could embed the file but I don't think it's possible.)
Here are my choppy notes:
Weakest in areas that I am most selfish. Temptation is a promise not from God ie a lie. Now look at James 1

The cause is idolatry. The effect is sinful desires. Which leads to death. 

Idolatry often begins when god doesn't do what we think aught to have been done.   

Do I want god or do I want what religion promises?

Convicting sermons are encouraging bc god disciplines those he loves. He hasn't given up on me yet. 

I know god doesn't want me to do this but I want to do it anyway. That is placing self above god. And is idolatry. 

Jude 21
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