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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

prayer requests and needs since new baby's arrival

This ended up being longer than I anticipated.

 As requested, I'd like to share some prayer requests and physical needs we have. The physical needs are thankfully very few. At this point we will just make do with what we have since finances are thin. But should you hear of someone giving away a changing table or a dresser, we would be so grateful. We don't mind second-hand. Here's an Amazon list of items that would be so useful. Currently we have one dresser for three children and thus most of their clothing is in messy piles on the floor of our bedroom.

clothing, diapers, toys, a mess
We truly need your prayers most of all. My husband's job needs him back already. He actually went back on Sunday to his part-time job. On Monday he had to return to his full-time job as well, and if you don't mind me being honest here, I was not ready for that. I was in tears the entire day and I lost my patience with my older boys on multiple occasions. I thought he had more time off. I didn't even need him to actually do anything, but I just needed him there. I felt abandoned. Having anyone else there would not have made a difference. I needed him and because of his job situation he was not able to be there for me. My biggest prayer request is for my husband to get a better job. One that allows him adequate time off to care for his wife and family. As it is, he leaves for work around 6:30AM and returns from his second job around 10:30-11PM. He has Saturday off. We don't get to go to church together. I don't remember the last time he physically attended service. I usually go alone and then will watch the recorded sermon with him the next available time he has.

If he had a better job that let him get home at a decent hour, I would be able to go to the grocery store. We only have one car and getting to the store is a chore that my husband either does solo or waits until Saturday. So, again, please pray for a better job for my husband. Also, it would just be nice to see him.

After my oldest was born, I struggled a lot with postpartum depression, PPD. I was not surrounded by loving or kind people and it took me a long time to even realize why I struggling so much. While it's normal to get a bit emotional as hormones drastically change post-birth (known as "baby blues"), I hope to not go through that again. I currently have moments that I recognize as baby blues. Please pray that this would not develop into PPD. Also, another hormonal change occurs during nursing referred to as D-MER. D-MER, for me, has been easy to treat as long as I can get to the grocery store to buy the healthy foods (like bananas) I should be eating. So, that brings me back to having my husband home just so I can use the car to get the food we need. If it weren't so frustrating, it'd be comical! Please pray D-MER doesn't steal my joy and that my baby blues would pass soon.

Baby Holly and I need strength and health. I've taken very little acetaminophen since the birth. An unmedicated birth allowed my body to do what it was designed to do and the physical healing has been going very well (as opposed to the medicated births I did with the other babies). I needed a lot of medication after the other babies were born, but didn't even need a single dose this time until over 24 hours after she had arrived! But if I push myself into doing chores, like I did today, I end up in a lot of pain. Please pray that I would behave and that my pain would go away. Also, we need to be surrounded by loving people who desire to be helpful and not just thrust their selfish desires on us. Pregnancy is a long journey where Mama sacrifices her physique, emotions, eating habits, physical abilities, and exercise habits all with the loving goal to one day see her child and hold her in her arms. Labor is laborious. Any mother who has gone through labor should be able to tell you that but it is possible that some forget. Labor is hard and difficult and draining. Labor is especially difficult if done unmedicated, or even mostly unmedicated. Delivery is difficult but joyous. All this sacrificing is finally going to pay off and Mama will be able to hold Baby! For the next few days, Mama isn't supposed to do anything so to allow her insides to heal. For the next few weeks, as many as 6 and sometimes more, Mama is encouraged to do as little as possible. Her job is to hold her baby. Please pray that those around us would support us and love us as we gain our strength and health back. The most joyous part of childbearing is the children! I love my children. I enjoy being around them. They give me strength. Having them around me builds me up. I realize that not everyone sees children in this light. I can understand why so many people offer to take "these burdens" off my hands thinking either because they're just so burdensome or so I can clean. But since I love my kids and am energized by them, taking them away tears parts of my soul away. I don't depend on them for my happiness. I depend on God. But for as long as God has given these children to me, I wish for them to stay with me. Please don't offer to take my kids away; that is not helpful. If you truly want to be helpful I have a list of household chores that you can help with! I don't have the energy for them and Felipe doesn't have the time.

Finally, pray for my boys. Change isn't always easy. My boys love their sister dearly. They love to give her kisses and have never tried to hurt her. I can see how torn my younger son is though when he wants to still be the baby and be able to cuddle with Mama the closest. And now here's this new baby who gets to sit in Mama's lap all the time but he loves her and wants her to be happy too. So he usually snuggles next to me now and is being incredibly adorable about it. He's found his toy duck that he calls his baby. And he comforts his baby and sleeps near his baby and worries about his baby. My older son has taken to acting out (mostly just fits of tears) when he doesn't get his way. I think it comes from not getting enough attention, also he is a toddler and this behavior is normal for his age. I believe firmly that each of my children NEEDS attention and I am actively trying to make sure that my own selfish pursuits do not get in the way of the calling on my life, that is, motherhood. Once again, if my husband had a better job, he could come spend more time with these children who love him. And perhaps if my husband had a better job, I could quit mine, because yes, even with three little ones age 3 to newborn, and while being a stay-at-home mother and homeschooling them, I still have a part-time job that I have already returned to as well as working with the special needs children at church on Sundays.

You can see that we're not lazy. We're not saintly either though - both my husband and I do quite a bit of complaining to God. We complain but are still grateful for everything God has done for us. We understand that even having four jobs between the two of us is a huge blessing that not many families have. We've had three healthy pregnancies and three beautiful children to show for it. Other blessings include my three year old FINALLY being completely potty trained the Monday before Holly was born (I was not looking forward to three children in diapers). Even finding this house that, although far away from everything we do, is very large and cheaper than renting in the city, is another huge blessing. We have food and clothing and with that we are learning contentment (I Timothy 6:8).

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Remove far from me falsehood and lying;
    give me neither poverty nor riches;
    feed me with the food that is needful for me,
lest I be full and deny you
    and say, “Who is the Lord?”
or lest I be poor and steal

    and profane the name of my God. Proverbs 30:8-9

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