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Thursday, October 3, 2013

ftd fail with a happy ending

Dear FTD Flowers,

My loving husband decided to send me a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries. At the last minute we were called out of town to visit my husband's grandfather who's death is imminent. Two days before the scheduled delivery my husband made the appropriate change of delivery time via YOUR website using YOUR available options. After we had already left THE NEXT DAY he got an email saying you were unwilling to change the delivery time. So on Monday we got 6 rotten, unrefrigerated strawberries waiting for us. My husband contacted you to fix your mistake and he is still waiting for a reply. I am hopeful that you will make this right. I am hopeful that even a big company like you still cares about individual customers. I am hoping that your customer support is not as rotten as those strawberries I received from you but is instead actively trying to fix this problem. I am hopeful that we will be able to use you in the future. We will see. We can only work with helpful and honest companies. 

Lauren Mulford

Since writing the above to my customer service representative at FTD, a beautiful and delicious new set of strawberries arrived at my door and they were amazing! Apparently FTD tried to get UPS to not ship it, but there was miscommunication and it was too late for UPS. I'm really grateful for how things ended. I was close to tears about getting rotten ones originally (I blame the pregnancy). I really like FTD so I was very glad for how they handled things. 

And so the strawberries lived happily ever after covered in chocolate living in my belly...

milk, white, and dark chocolate covered strawberries

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