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Sunday, September 1, 2013

inflated self-esteem (life under control week 6 day 2)

In my experience both personally and observations of others is that most people struggle with an inflated self-esteem. Or maybe "struggle" isn't the right word because they're perfectly content to have inflated self-esteem. Even in the church you can find that most people think more highly of themselves than they should. I rarely think of myself as anything less than absolutely awesome! If I have faults and if I have sins, I can easily explain them away. IF I even have any...see? Pride.

Pride is one glaring evidence of inflated self-esteem. Remember Proverbs 3:34 God gives favor to the humble. Another evidence is illusions of greatness (that can develop into arrogance). This reminds me of those seminary students, who may have just been eager and excited that they knew something and were able to apply it (but what makes me think it was more likely pride and illusions of greatness was their unwillingness to discuss things with anyone other than pastors and professors).

Interestingly, in 1 Timothy 6:17 we are charged to not let our riches and money make us haughty. What does wealthy have to do with pride? Perhaps it is the idea of "I made my money. I worked hard. I did what needed to be done, so don't come looking to me for a hand-out." Maybe since I'm not wealthy I haven't fallen into this temptation yet. But perhaps this is what wealthy people experience, lack of sympathy for those less fortunate and lack of remembering that their riches come from God to be used for God's purposes.

In short, the opposite of inflated self-esteem is love. Love is not arrogant. And we will be known by our love.

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