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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

only what is excellent and praiseworthy (life under control week 3 day 5)

whatever is excellent and anything worthy of praise

"You know you need to praise God, but are you living your life in such a way that God can praise you?"

Don't settle for mediocrity. One thing that saddens me is hearing fellow Christians not think and just follow whatever politician or pastor or doctor or doctrine or dogma or trendy whatever. They rationalize it by saying it sounded good or made them feel good or they "really felt the Spirit" but they didn't compare it to Scripture. I'm guilty of this too. It's a lesson I learned and sometimes forget to put into practice. One thing about you (or me) and your pastor (or mine): if you agree with EVERYTHING your pastor says, one of you is not thinking. I have never ever been to a church where I agree with everything. There are some points that are more important than others. You have to find a congregation where you can grow Spiritually and where your disagreements are trivial. Doing this is most excellent.

But I digress. Mediocre thoughts are thoughts that sound like, "I know God told me to apply for that job at the bank but I won't get it. I'm going to be stuck at this gas station forever." If God's told you to do something, believe He has a purpose for it. It might not be that this guy gets the job at the bank, but he definitely won't get it with that attitude. Maybe the thought is, "I really want a godly husband and I know that God has promised me one, but who would ever love a gal like me?" Well, if you are truly a godly gal, of course a godly guy is going to love you. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Excellent thoughts sound like this, "I don't know why God has me at this crappy job but I know that I can be a light for Him here and hopefully lead some coworkers to Christ." Or maybe for our love-struck gal, "I know God has a godly husband for me, and until that man comes my way I'm going to continue to strive for excellence in every area of my life even if I'm a 62-year old first time bride."

[Positive thinking doesn't necessarily bring about "positive" results, but it will always make you a more pleasant person. I put positive in quotes because often what God sees as positive and what we see as positive aren't the same. I can think positively that I'll make a million dollars, but God may see that as a negative action.]

Excellence is the only thing worth of praise. Excellent work, not mediocre work, is worthy of praise. Excellent thinking is worthy of praise, not lazy mediocre thinking. "That's good enough" could be indicative of mediocrity, and may not be worthy of praise. Consider what is 'good enough' and evaluate if it is truly excellent or not. Do all as for the Lord! (so hard!)

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