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Monday, August 12, 2013

only lovely or admirable (life under control week 3 day 4)

whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable (ESV)

(I like the NIV for its ease of reading, but I like the ESV for its accuracy.)

When the Bible uses "lovely" to describe something to think upon, it doesn't mean just physical beauty but rather more deeply spiritual beauty. In the spiritual realm, what is lovely? God looks at the inner man, and if Jesus is there, then s/he is lovely. When God looks at the lyrics to a poorly tuned song, he looks for a joyful noise of praise toward Himself, and it is lovely. When we think on lovely things, these things should draw us into worship of God. If we stop and simply admire the thing, then we have stopped too soon.

Admirable: arousing or deserving respect and approval
Commendable: deserving praise
(If I had a Greek Bible, I'd use Greek definitions. I thought I had one, but I can't find it. So English translations will have to do for now.)

Respect. Approval. Praise. What could Paul be describing here? Of course, in this sense there is only One who is deserving of all honor and glory and praise! And what He has blessed and what He has transcended and what draws us to His worship is what we should think upon!

When I find myself spiraling downward emotionally, it is usually preceded with a single thought that is unlovely or not commendable, and certainly not "of a good report" as the KJV states. It is my choice to fill my mind with things that inspire and build up or with thoughts that are negative and discouraging. And I must remember when I speak to others to be an inspiration of loveliness and admiration for God.

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