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Thursday, August 8, 2013

incomplete thoughts on paul and the first letter he wrote to the church at corinth

"Paul be cray-cray."

No, I'm not proud of myself but that thought did cross my mind as I was reading I Corinthians the other day. I don't remember ever having so much difficulty reading his epistles before. It's okay to have days, especially while pregnant, where common every day words hold no meaning (try saying "girl" or "fork" over and over and it quickly becomes garbled noises with no meaning emanating from your lips). I call it "pregnancy brain". I'm tired and my mental resources are exhausted.

Then I remember that when Paul was writing to the Church at Corinth he was addressing specific issues that the people were fully aware of. So his nonsensical ramblings become logical reprimands. I just needed to remember what the issues at Corinth were and his talk about "tongues" and "conduct" start to make a lot more sense.

Parts where Paul sounds as if he's contradicting his previous sentence aren't necessarily his fault but mine as the reader. I've often sounded crazy and contradictory within the same paragraph. Perhaps Paul and I are both misunderstood in the same way.

If I were to say, "You should exercise for an hour a day." I do not expect everyone to exercise for an entire hour every day. In context, perhaps (this is hypothetical in my case), I wrote, "Don't try to take 5 power classes in one day. You should exercise for an hour a day." And maybe in a previous blog post I had written, "You don't need to exhaust yourself by trying to exercise everyday. It's okay to take a day off." Ah ha! Contradiction! But really, what my point is is that exercising is a good discipline. Taking too many Cross Fit classes in one sitting will not benefit you if you neglect your earthly duties and you could get physically injured. You do not have to exercise for an hour a day, perhaps just 15 minutes is enough and skipping a day will actually be beneficial for injury prevention.

Let me go back and take a look at crazy Paul in Corinthians now and see if he still is, not crazy. I'll share with you my problems with this passage. I don't speak in tongues. I've "spoken" in tongues to appease my friends but even while doing so I felt that it was babbling of no language of men or of God; I've also spoken in tongues that I felt did not originate with me but the Spirit and if I ever felt the urge to do so again I would. But I've had heard many times that every "real" Christian speaks in tongues. After all, whenever protestants first became Christians the Jews knew they had received the Holy Spirit because of they spoke in tongues. Even at Pentecost the Spirit was given and everyone spoke in tongues. But in the crazy passage of Paul in I Corinthians he doesn't seem to be saying that just because he desires that everyone speak in tongues that everyone will speak in tongues ( he also desired that everyone prophesy and not everyone did). In Acts 8:17 no specific sign was shared but obviously from Simon's reaction something was outwardly visible. If it were tongues, which is so easily faked, why would anyone be impressed?

And so I'm done. I don't believe that I have by any means conquered the matter of speaking in tongues, that was not my intent. My intent was to say that it's okay to not understand and not have all the answers. In that case, it is fitting to leave the post without a feeling of completion. Sorry about that.

Cross Fitters, you be cray-cray!

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