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Saturday, July 27, 2013

life under control - day 2

Day 2 - wrong time and wrong place

Our sins have consequences. One step leads to another step which leads to sin which leads to death.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be devastating. If David had been with his army he would not have been available to sin with Bathsheba. Let's try to make ourselves unavailable to sin!

Okay. That's easy.

Wait. What? How do I make myself unavailable to sin?

My biggest temptation is to get impatient with my children. They are my most precious gifts. Other than my husband, they are my most loved gifts. But if I don't get some sleep, they stop being cute and seem really annoying. To make myself unavailable to sin, I need to make sure I get enough sleep. Perhaps that means spending less time on facebook and pinterest...or letting the dishes pile up for a day and not watching TV tonight.

Another temptation which might seem less important, is the temptation to buy 'easy' foods that are less frugal. My husband and I want to buy a house. But if we were to spend $800 on food a month, I don't see that happening. So, I make sure we don't go shopping hungry. I make sure we take inventory of what we have and what we need. I make sure we cook and eat any meat we buy before it goes to waste. I make sure we buy raw and not frozen-prepared. (or I try to do the above, at least! ha!)

Those are my two examples that I struggle with the most. My only other suggestion is to immerse yourself in the Word and be in constant prayer. For some people they have to pray, "Lord, do I need to buy strawberries?" Other people don't need to pray that specifically. Seek God through His word and you will find him.

4 Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
teach me your paths.

8 Good and upright is the Lord;
therefore he instructs sinners in the way.

9 He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.

10 All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.

-Psalm 25

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst." (John 6:35, ESV)

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