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Saturday, March 30, 2013

how i told my husband

Don't laugh, but for some reason I've always thought I was infertile. I thought my two children were miracle babies and that I would never be able to have any more. So silly.

The above was how I told my husband we are expecting! We should have a baby some time after Thanksgiving but before Christmas this year (2013). We already have names picked out, although a boy's middle name is in flux. Should we have a girl, her name will Holly Noel. Should we have a boy, his name is Seth Daniel.

Holly Noel
Holly is an evergreen plant with cute little red berries we see everywhere at Christmastime. I wanted to outright name her "Holiday" but my husband said no. lol! I completely understand! haha. We had decided a long time ago to give our girls feminine, floral names. Since this baby is a December baby, we thought Holly was appropriate.
Noel is French for "Christmas". Christmas is my favorite holiday. We found out with 267 days to Christmas that we are having a holiday baby!

Seth Daniel
Seth was the third recorded son of Adam and Eve and would also be our third son, coincidentally (maybe Adam and Eve had other kids and just didn't write every single one in the Bible. After all, who'd these men marry?). He is the second in the lineage of Christ. "Seth" means "the appointed one".
Daniel is most remembered for being thrown in a lion's den and surviving. "Daniel" means "God is my judge". We always wanted to give our boys strong-sounding, masculine, Biblical names.

Caleb, our almost-3-year-old, either doesn't speak or is pronouncing things so incoherently that it just seems like gibberish. But Micah, our 18-month-old, forms complete sentences (on occasion). Yesterday, I jokingly told Micah that we were having another baby and he was getting replaced and wouldn't be the baby any more. "NOOOOOOO!" he seems genuinely concerned. So I told him that I was just teasing him and we'd still keep him but there really was going to be another baby. He said, "okay." as if these were acceptable terms he's compromise on.

When I tried to explain to Caleb that we were going to have another baby, he was all smiles and giggles. He pointed to my belly button and blew a farting-raspberry noise. I don't know what that means. I thought he understood up to that point.

I looked for a book at Buy Buy Baby today that might help me explain to the kids what's going on. I didn't find anything. The closest thing was a Berenstain Bears book about bringing Sister Bear home. I hate those books.

My friend shared a puzzle with me that is the shape of a mama going through the different stages of development. That is a wonderful educational tool! If you know of something similar in book form, tell me!

Based on cycles, the due date is Nov 28, the day after my best friend, Jessica. But more likely, this will be a December baby since the ovulation due date sets the delivery on Dec 7.