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Sunday, January 6, 2013

ballet class

I have not danced in many years. But recently I've been itching to get back into ballet shoes. When my sister came into town for the holidays, we decided to take a cold morning's class the Friday before Christmas.
It was very cold that morning.
I was grateful no one laughed at me and was flattered at the offer to join the company even after not having danced in 4+ years and not doing any large jumps (too scary!). Caleb really enjoyed watching the dancing:

Caleb loves dancing
He's such a flirt and really enjoyed watching.

I think a class a year might be good for me. I will continue my Pilates and stretch classes at home and maybe one day when we have more flexibility in our budget I'll take classes more often. For now I will have to settle for looking over these photos that Nina was kind enough to take for me :)

At home before class
trying to convince myself that I'm still flexible

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