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Friday, January 11, 2013

our new go-to date adventure


Felipe and I were given a date night as a Christmas present. There weren't any movies that we really wanted to see and we weren't too hungry. As we drove by a bowling alley I jokingly suggested it. And when Felipe said, "yes," I thought it might be really fun! So off we went! I haven't been bowling since before Felipe and I started dating. We went with his coworkers for about half an hour a few weeks before but we were barely able to finish one game before everyone left o.O

So here we are paying way too much to go bowl and the machine keeps messing up our scores saying we only got 9 pins down when we really had gotten a spare. It wasn't a big deal to us because we were just having fun. We played for two hours! And at the end of it all I asked if we could have a coupon since the machine was messing up. The manager refunded us for an entire hour plus the price of our shoes! SO then we had $30 in a gift card to figure out how to spend it. We went rock climbing, and Dance Dance Revolution, and Skee Ball, and a shooting game, and apparently it was New Year's Eve. So they were having this big ol' party that we needed to exit the building for.

It was tons of fun!
In his defense, he was trying a new way to hold the ball. Still, I like to brag!

bad self-picture
friendly neighbors helped us take a better one! yay!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

christmastime with the mulfords

What a lovely Christmas!
It snowed ON Christmas and Micah saw snow for the first time. His reaction when I showed him from the window: "suh-snuh! suh-snuh!"He and Caleb were just begging to go outside!
Micah's first snow!
Caleb stayed under the awning because he didn't like the snow getting in his eyes.
They had tons of fun with their aunts who came into town with fun trains and cars!

Cute outfits from grandma and grandpa Mulford
Then we tried to get a family photo...oh well. Maybe one day:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

ballet class

I have not danced in many years. But recently I've been itching to get back into ballet shoes. When my sister came into town for the holidays, we decided to take a cold morning's class the Friday before Christmas.
It was very cold that morning.
I was grateful no one laughed at me and was flattered at the offer to join the company even after not having danced in 4+ years and not doing any large jumps (too scary!). Caleb really enjoyed watching the dancing:

Caleb loves dancing
He's such a flirt and really enjoyed watching.

I think a class a year might be good for me. I will continue my Pilates and stretch classes at home and maybe one day when we have more flexibility in our budget I'll take classes more often. For now I will have to settle for looking over these photos that Nina was kind enough to take for me :)

At home before class
trying to convince myself that I'm still flexible