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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

what i ate today OR how i lost over 70 pounds one year

I woke up at 9AM still a bit sleepy. It was colder here than normal last night and the babies kept trying to snuggle closer and closer to stay warm. So I didn't sleep extremely well, but it wasn't bad.

I had gone to bed feeling a bit upset with myself for eating some whole grain pasta that night. I had two steaks, two salads, a bit of a pork loin, and I was still hungry. We were visiting my in-laws and my mother-in-law made some pesto that looked amazing. I was so hungry. I couldn't believe how hungry I was. So I ate some. It was soooo good.

But surely I would gain 5 pounds from it...even if it was just water weight.

So, I stepped on the scale this morning.


Awesome. No weight gain. What a relief!

It's hard to imagine that a year and a month ago I weighed 183+ pounds.

For those of you not good at the maths, that's over 70 pounds. This is what I did..

Well, first I gave birth to my son, Micah. That took a lot of the weight. I don't normally count that weight in my weight-loss accomplishment unless I feel I need a confidence booster. Really, about 40 pounds dropped off without me doing much at all. So that left me around 140 pounds.

Then, someone introduced me to The Four-Hour Diet...which has nothing to do with 4 hours. I recommend reading the first 3 chapters and no more of that book. Maybe I'll just give you the Cliff Notes version some time.

Doing that diet, where I ate as much as I wanted, never counted calories, and never exercised, dropped me to the upper 120s. And I stayed there for awhile. I started exercising but my weight still didn't change.

Six weeks ago I weighed 128 pounds. I looked fine and I felt fine. If I didn't lose any weight, it didn't matter to my doctor or my husband or my kids. But I felt insecure about myself and wanted to try to lose some more weight. Some friends started a Weight Loss Challenge/support group on Facebook and I joined them and they really helped me to stay motivated and focussed.

Earlier someone had introduced me to the ketogenic diet. I found an on-line support group of sorts on reddit for keto dieters. Doing this diet has me at 113 lbs with the possibility of even more weight loss.

I am healthy. I exercise several times a week. I'm still lactating. I have plenty of energy. I feel great. I look great. My cholesterol is fine. My heart rate is impeccable, always has been. My blood pressure is perfect, also always has been.

If this diet isn't right for you, that's fine.

Let me show you what I've eaten so far today:

 For breakfast I made four scrambled eggs and three slices of pork bacon. I put a handful of cheese on a plate and covered the cheese with the eggs so it would melt. This is my regular breakfast. I rarely finish it. I always share with my kids. Caleb eats one of the bacon strips and a little egg. Micah eats the egg and cheese. I think I eat 3 eggs and 2 strips of bacon every morning.

Where Caleb put an empty FizzyFuzzy
 This is a new product that I'm trying that has B12 in it. I've also been taking Shaklee supplements which I believe have literally saved my life. Zipfizz, or "fizzy fuzzy" as I call it, has electrolytes in it that ketoers are often deprived of. This has helped me immensely. You just pour this into 16 oz of water. Costs less than $1 a day. The taste is fine, nothing too great or too bad. Comes in three flavors: orange, grape, and something lemonade?

Drinking water is very important to every human being whether or not they are trying to lose weight, but especially if you are trying to lose weight and ESPECIALLY to ketoers. I try to drink at least one glass of water an hour. Usually it's more than that though because I'm thirsty. I heard someone say, "If you wait until you're thirsty to drink water, it's too late." I don't even know what you're late for. If you're thirsty, drink. If you're not thirsty, drinking water is not going to hurt you. So drink-up :)

Today, this how my monkey got served is pretzel bites! It reminded me of a puppy and dog bowl! LOL!

 Keep dreaming. I didn't eat this. I gave this to Caleb when he finished his PBJ at lunch.
Inspired by some ladies in the Facebook weight loss group, I made what I call "omelet pizza"or "egg-crust pizza". Four eggs, scrambled, and left to "fry" (I didn't use any oil or butter, but you can if you want). I flipped it out onto a pizza pan. I put it in the oven at 350 for some unobserved amount of time I will let it stay in for longer though because it wasn't quite crispy-crust-like enough for my preference.
 These are my other ingredients.
 This is my sauce. It's high in carbohydrates. I recommend using something different. I used a scarce amount, but I think next time I will use more of something different. But this did taste really good!
 Before I put it in the oven:
onion, sausage, pepperoni, cheese, cheese, cheese, tomato sauce
 My carnivorous helper:
 Immediately out of the oven!
 And as I said, the crust wasn't very crust-like, so I needed these to eat it.

So, how'd it taste?
oh man, it was so good. I shared with Micah and he liked it too. Micah likes everything though. I think next time, I'll try using only 2-3 eggs.

That's pretty much it. It's only 3PM so I haven't had dinner yet. It'll probably be chicken teriyaki and salad, or salmon teriyaki and salad...or both, I suppose. Leave me a question and I'll answer it as soon as I see it.