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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

what it must be like to be a non-Christian

This is an attempt to be humorous. So don't be offended.

Driving down the road the other day I realized what it must feel like for so many non-Christians to live in the buckle of the Bible belt here in Texas. 

I used to think, "Why are non-Christians so upset about Christian billboards and bumper stickers? It's not like we're making them pull over and read them. Or forcing them to go to church." Even though there are churches on every corner. 

But then something happened...

It was here:

Then it was there: 

These vehicles were everywhere. I couldn't escape the Scentsy gospel of good smelling candles. Why were they shoving their dogma down my throat like this?! It was outrageous. On a quarter mile drive, I passed, or was passed by, three Scentsy cars. I verbally complained about it to my husband. I wasn't being forced to read their silly bumper stickers telling me that my candles were inferior. I wasn't being forced to a selling event and being told that my scent was hideous. I wasn't being forced to their website and being forced to read how they were so much better than me and that I stank. 

But it felt that way.

And no, I won't convert. I am Ascentsiest. I don't need Scentsy. Scentsy is just a crutch for people who already smell fine. Scentsy tells its followers to put unrealistic expectations on scent and then tells you to pay them to answer that need that you didn't even know you had. Scentsy uses peer pressure to get more followers. Scentsy followers are brainwashed, I tell you! And I wish everyone could be free from the binds and confines that Scentsy restricts its participants to. Be free! Be stinky!