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Friday, April 13, 2012

Speaking of shoes...

So, you may know that in my previous life, before I moved to Texas (and why I moved to Texas) I was a ballerina at a professional studio where I broke my left ACL. This was career-ending for me and was quite the relief because I didn't have that right personality to fit in with the other girls. I had a lot of fun dancing. I was in a Christian environment but the "dance world" was still very much a part of the studio. I hear they've changed. (I just don't understand mean Christians even if are dance teachers.)

Okay, so here I am in Texas to see a specialist that my parents know. He fixes my knee. Sort of. After I get pregnant with Caleb and put on an extra 50 pounds and walk up two high school flights of stairs every day, my knee starts hurting. Badly. Another operation later and things look good. 

Then, another pregnancy. Things go well. No aching. No pain. But afterward when I'm trying to lose the baby weight with exercise then my knee starts hurting. So, I buy a good pair of walking shoes. So comfortable! But no good. Knee still hurts. And Felipe keeps suggesting that I buy these ugly Vibram Five Finger shoes. So ugly.

He wore me down. In a moment of desperation, I bought the prettiest pair they made:
At first I was really embarrassed to wear them. But then I noticed that my knee wouldn't hurt afterward. So there you have it. A combination of weight loss and correct shoes has resulted in little to no noticeable pain. 

That's it. You can buy them at Sun and Ski like I did. Or here:

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