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Friday, April 6, 2012

Nice Walk This AM

I've shared before about how much I love spending time with my family. I even try to get showers and cleaning done while the babies take a nap so I can focus more on them. As I write this, they are slumbering away. Felipe's at work. I don't like cleaning when he's home and I rarely shower when he's home. I like us all to be together. I guard and cherish that time and I don't like sharing it with others.

This morning we woke up earlier than normal. Normal is around 8am and this morning was 6:45! Felipe and I just woke up naturally...him more so than me. I awoke to him laughing at some video he found online! LOL! And we decided to take the kiddos for a walk.

It was nice and cool, which is unusual for DFW even in the spring. But the kids loved it!

Here's happy Dada with sleepy Caleb:

Here's sleepy Micah with happy Mama!

Here's our destination:
 That's right. We walked to the closest donut shop. mmmm! Own and operated by Koreans. Why do Koreans make the best donuts? I don't know. But we got to talking and the lady said they get there at 1 am to start making donuts for opening at 5am. This is Felipe's and my dream job. Once we are done having babies, and maybe once we have a single payer health care system, I think we'll get serious about it. I just don't think you can have too many of these shops in the fattest nation in the world.

It was a great refreshing walk for mama and dada and the kiddos tuckered out soon after we got fact, Micah didn't even make it home:

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