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Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

For years I have hated Valentine's Day. As a child I was consistently left out. My mother encouraged my father to be my sisters and my valentine but he always refused except for one time he bought us some lawn decorations (yeah, it was weird). So, unfortunately I was one of those girls who just wished some guy, any guy, would pay attention to me. I do remember getting a small box of chocolates from a boy I worked with one year, and a card the next year from a different boy. And the card was really sweet and I remember it making me very happy. I forget his name.

I've only had one boy friend my entire life. We started dating in August. We got engaged to be married in December. I'm hoping for something on Valentine's Day even if it was just a paper card with a hand-written "I love you." I had told him how much I hated Valentine's Day and he interpreted this as "Let's ignore it." And so instead I got nothing. He said, "You didn't want anything did you?" I said I had to go do something. I cried.

He found me. He felt terrible. He left work early. He drove me to Starbucks and made me wait in the car. He went inside and bought a couple of items and displayed them on a table. He came and got me and brought me inside. He then left and made me wait for him at Starbucks. He went to the store and bought everything he could find.

Now I felt terrible.

So the next year he tries to "make it up to me" and it was really sweet. But I have this nagging feeling that he's only being sweet because I cried the previous year not because he really wants to do anything for me for Valentine's Day. So I still hate Valentine's Day.

Last year, we were completely broke. I think we just skipped it altogether.

This year, I had enough. I know that I would always hate Valentine's Day as long as Felipe was trying to make it up to me. My heart still breaks over feeling not good enough to deserve a Valentine. (You are welcomed to think how shallow I am as I pause here to cry over the emotion this is bringing up) So I did something about it. I decided that I would shower Felipe instead.

 I had so much fun making this Bacon Bouquet! Simply take slices of bacon and wrap them up and stick them in a mini cup cake pan.
 Some people drill a hole in the bottom to let the grease out. If you do that, be sure to place another pan underneath to catch al the grease. I didn't drill and they came out fine
 Bacon rose bud. Just skewer, or something else creative and place in a vase. When Felipe saw it, he didn't even realize it was bacon at first!
I tend to be silly quite often. Two of my silly sayings are "You are the bestest, better than the restest."and "I love you the mostest, better than a hostess...cupcake. and that's a lot!"

I set out our beautiful wedding album of love. with many hearts and photos and a message in a bottle that Felipe got for me some years back. It was all quite lovely. I even special ordered a Domino's pizza with the pepperonis in the shape of a heart. But uncharacteristically of me, I forgot to take a picture of it. It really just looked like a pizza with pepperonis in the shape of a heart.

Well, I love Felipe. I love doing special things for him to show him that I love him. I love having him come home to a clean house, a made bed, a cleaned kitchen, a vacuumed carpet, a delicious dinner...all that June Cleaver stuff! I love it that when those things don't happen, Felipe still loves me. I love it that if those things never happened, Felipe would still love me.

I have many friends who are in bad situations when it comes to marriage. Felipe told me yesterday, "You're really lucky to have me." LOL! It is so true though! He was being funny, but I am seriously privileged to have a man who loves God and is empowered by the Spirit to love me the way he should. He's an excellent father who always thinks, "How would God want me to handle this situation?"

In the car today, I looked over at Felipe before we started driving and apologized for ever sinning against him. He said the same. I love him so much. Having him apologize was a good reminder that I'm not the only sinner in this relationship. We are both in need of God's grace! Having Felipe in my life is the biggest grace God has given me (aside from the blood of Jesus, of course).

Felipe, you are my true love and I truly love you.

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