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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Boys are Best Friends!

Despite what some nay-sayers warned me about sibling rivalry, my boys love each other. Caleb is always trying to make Micah laugh, and Micah is always laughing at Caleb. They wrestle, they giggle, they play, they share. Caleb will show Micah some new food or toy and how it works. And when Micah sees what Caleb is doing he always wants to join in the fun. Whenever Micah cries, Caleb tries to console him. My boys are best friends!
 They both love that ridiculous Nick Jr. TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. At times its the only thing that calms Micah down...especially in the car. Micah hates riding in the car. But Caleb never gets jealous that he can't watch too. I really appreciate that about Caleb.
 This is a one-man toy, but Caleb often insists that he be allowed to join in the fun as he squeezes behind Micah. Micah doesn't appreciate this.
 We got Caleb a matching Ikea chair so he can be like Dada! He was so excited when we set it up! He knew it was for him and he loves it! I love nurturing those instincts of his to emulate his father. Micah does not like the Bumbo but can't sit up on his own yet. Silly baby! Caleb was trying to walk when he was your age! lol!

 We thought we were the best parents in the world when we bought that one toy car you see in the mall that zooms around, spins, turns, and play the theme to Beverly Hills Cop...but then we realized that instead we had create a monster. Caleb loves it! He NEVER wants it to stop. We played with that dumb toy until past midnight the first night. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. We also bought the bubble blower. Not as big as a mistake. Still a mistake. Whenever the bubbles run out, the crying starts. Its easy enough to make some more, but you run out of it so quickly.

Anyway, its hard to think this face is a mistake...pure joy!
 I dressed the boys in matching PJs that Grannie Clare bought for them. She loves to buy them matching outfits. And I love letting her buy them matching outfits.

They play so nicely together!
 Caleb loves to give Micah kisses. And Micah giggles whenever Caleb gives them. We were not driving when this picture was taken. We stopped to tie down some furniture in the bed of the truck we were borrowing. And Caleb wanted to hug Micah! So sweet!

So, the lesson is to encourage brotherly love. Don't ever remind them that there was a time when one was jealous or mad or any other sin toward the other. Only remind them of the times when they were lovely to each other and that's what they'll remember and practice.

These boys are too precious to think that they were an accident. They are too wonderful to think that some monetary possession is better than their lives. These young people are better than any amount of money. My babies are worth more to me than years of solitude. I am so grateful to God that I did not rely on conventional wisdom of the world that says to use pills to keep these babies from me. I'm so grateful I didn't listen to conventional "christian" wisdom that says that planned parenthood that caters to your own desires and keep kids out is best. God pleads with us to choose life. I know that God created these babies. Because God is the Creator, I don't need pills or barriers. I am pro-life. I am pro-Caleb. I am pro-Micah.

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live...Deuteronomy 30:19
life is a blessing

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