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Monday, March 12, 2012

Adventures in Gardening

Felipe bought me this really cool garden set full of carnivorous plants a couple of years back. I haven't had opportunity until now to plant it though. Caleb helped me plant some grass in a Frog pot as well as some oregano. 

 See the single blade of grass? I'm a gardener!
 Micah, sadly, had to watch from inside.
The next day we went to Marshall's Organic Gardening Store. It was so much fun! I wanted to buy everything. But I didn't. Instead, I bought a hanging pot, three flowers, soil, gloves, water pail, and mint. Why mint? Because I like mint, that's why! I just do. When I lived in Mississippi I lived with my friends for a little while and they had wild mint weeding their patio area. It smelt wonderful! So I figured if it grows like a weed, then it wouldn't matter if I did a terrible job at taking care of it.

Here's our supplies before we set to work on our apartment garden.

Caleb's eager to help.

I try to incorporate him in as much as I can even though it means more mistakes and takes a lot longer. God works with me, so I work with Caleb.

Tada! The end result!

And the mint:

We have plans to use these peach crates for more vegetable growing. I wanted to started our simple. As a proud biology major I have much experience with plant a lab. So not I get to try those skilz out in the real world. I have plans to buy a bonsai as well as plans to grow a bonsai! What commitment! Also, as mentioned before, vegetables. Once we move into a place with a yard, we plan to have an actual vegetable garden.

 So, gardening. Its gooood.

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