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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Thousand Years? Really?

There's a popular Christian song with a verse that says, "When we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the Son, we'll no less days to sing His praise then when we first began." I was singing this song to Caleb this week when the words very directly and pointedly prodded my heart. Ten thousand years of praising God.. Nothing but the same praising for all eternity. And I'm supposed to want to do this? And my answer back to myself was, "yes". I was happy that I wanted to do nothing but praise God for his goodness and mercy for all eternity. Nothing but praise for a God that deserves so much more.

Why not start now?

If my end goal is to be in heaven, praising God, and this is something that could be started now, then why not start it now? Why am I not living my life as a continuous praise? Why am I allowing these trivial earthly matters affect me when there's a much bigger picture? Eternity.

I need to be more patient with my children. When I am doing something and they want to snuggle, I want to snuggle with them. I want my children to lead me to worshiping God. When Caleb wants me to run in circles with him, I want to do that. If Micah wants me to play never-ending peek-a-boo, I want to do that. Mommies aren't allowed to get tired apparently. And if I work on being less selfish, then I won't get as tired when playing with the boys. I can spend my energy on them instead of whatever it was that seemed so important. Spending time with the boys is much more important than sorting laundry. And so much more un too. Why do I get impatient? It doesn't make sense.

I need to be more loving to my husband. In the car yesterday I told him how much I love and admire him. I told him how sorry I am that I don't always treat him like the wonderful person that he is. Within the hour I was back to being frustrated with him for some trivial action. Luckily after almost three short years of marriage we're learning good communication skills that lead to the issue being resolved immediately. But it really struck me how I could flop so easily from loving him the way I should to being bitter so quickly. This is sin in my life. Felipe is wonderful of helping me learn.

I am spending time with God every day. I quite accidentally wake up before everyone else. This gives me ample time to read my Bible. I don't do anything fancy. I don't spend an hour, or even half an hour...well, maybe half an hour. I just read a few verses, pray, and that's it. For the rest of the day, those few verses pop into my head and convict and encourage me. I used to think I had to be some super Christian, reading chapters a day. But I find that the little reading I do is adequate because it isn't a chore and it allows a large impact from a few rather than a small impact from many.

This is fun: I'm sitting here typing and Micah woke up. So now he's in my lap, being cute, just looking around the room. We're enjoying each other's presence without doing anything other than snuggling together. Sometimes that's all they want. Personally, I don't think you can ever give your child too many hugs. God could never give me too many hugs.

My Father God gives me hugs and I give my babies hugs. And do you know what?

I could do this for a thousand years and all the way into eternity.

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