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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Caleb Cutie

“You little stinker!” My husband’s voice raises in pitch on “little” and he has a big grin on his face. I’m not sure of this phrase’s exact origin, but it started VERY shortly after Caleb was born and we noticed his propensity for mischievousness. 

He once cried out as if in pain when he was six weeks old. He was sitting between Felipe and me on the bed. Felipe and I quickly looked toward him to help eliminate whatever this evil presence was that had descended upon our oldest child, our beloved only child. What made him cry out so sorrowfully and painfully? Did something fall on him? Was there a spider? We tried to figure it out. But just as quickly as we had turned our heads toward this...little stinker...he had change his expression 180 degrees to a quick little giggle and a huge grin on his face. He had tricked us. On purpose. Six weeks old. This was a foreshadowing of his next two years (and perhaps the rest of his life).
Caleb restocking at Starbucks
Caleb flirts with every pretty female he sees. This past week at Babies R Us while waiting in the queue, I could tell Caleb stopped listening to me. He was all smiles looking past me to some lady, who was quite pretty, in another line. 
Foot powered car at Costco
At Costco there was a display model of a child size car that is powered Flinstone’s style. Caleb decided that going backward was more fun than forward. His feet got stuck under the car and he ended up sitting on the floor. When we get over to him, he’s all smiles, stuck under the car. Well, we didn’t feel like taking his fun time away  so we push him around Costco in the car. I don’t know who had more fun, Caleb or Felipe. 

Putting Caleb to bed is always a fun chore...and here when I saw “fun” I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. It is actually the most dreaded and disastrous event of my day. I hate it. Before Christmas, I would just say, “Caleb, its sleepy time.” And he would lay down next to me and Micah and go to sleep. But over the holidays various family members got it in their heads that they wanted to put Caleb to bed. So Caleb decided that he needed to be rocked and sang to in order to fall asleep. 
At first, I just gave up. “You Little Stinker! You don’t want to go to sleep? Fine. Sit there and cry. Its 2AM. I’m going to sleep.” Then I decided that that was really lazy of me. I loved Caleb too much to let him have his own way. No one enjoys discipline at the moments but later he will appreciate it. So now we’re back to our normal sleepy time routine. Thank God.
Caleb doesn’t have a security blanket. So to make up for that loss he has a different security item each day. Today it is a plastic cooking fork. Yesterday, it was a matchbox car. What is rather amusing is when I discover what item he decided to take to bed. A car. An emptied cup of water surrounded by a puddle. A child’s knife and fork. Three spoons. The vacuum hose attachments, all of them. All these items have found their way into our bed. That’s right OUR bed. I do not enjoy being woken up at 4am to water being spilled out a sippy cup down my back. 
[We share a bed initially out of necessity, then because we enjoyed it, and again out of have no idea how poor we are! lol!]
Caleb often gives me the sweetest baby kisses. He’ll come up to me and sits in my lap. Then he’ll kiss my cheek, and my other cheek, then my forehead. And then he just sits there and enjoys me gushing over how cute and sweet and precious he is. And then that little stinker will give me BABY GERMS!! Which is a funny game we started where Caleb slobbers a kiss and the appropriate reaction is to say “ew gross!” or “yucky!” or “oh no! not baby germs!” If Caleb doesn’t give you sweet kisses, try asking for baby germs.
A couple of weeks ago I found my old rag doll, Amelia. I gave it to Caleb and he said, “Thank you” in the sweetest voice ever. He hugged and swayed with her and brought her all over the house. He then placed her nicely next to him while he built a lego tower. Of course, at the end of the building process he knocked the tower over with a scream. He turned, looked at Amelia, and knocked her over too with a scream! I had to laugh so hard. 

Other little stinker anecdotes include the time he ate a snail. Then there was the many times he has posed for photographs like he’s some sort of celebrity. There was the time he climbed out of his carseat and joined us up front like it was nothing...we laughed but boy was it scary. Then right now as I type this he’s putting Grannie Clare’s boots on her feet for her. That little stinker!

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