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Monday, January 2, 2012

Visiting Felipe

What a wonderful day! Nina is home and she, the boys, and I went to visit Felipe for lunch. I was so sad to have Felipe gone all day and it was nice to be able to visit him.

Official photo of January 2

I was also able to buy my ideal baby backpack for much less than expected!

I used to read the Daily Light on the Daily Path when it was handed out at church. But now I get it through a website. I read about Aaron's sacrifices today. I struggle to find the significance of this Light on my personal Daily Path. Most significantly I think how great it is that we don't have to sacrifice regularly any more. First, there isn't even an altar place any more. Second, I live in America and that would be a ridiculous commute. Third, I'm not Jewish; so there's that.

How wonderful it is to live in the Grace of God! Because God loved us He sent His Son to redeem us. Jesus was the final sacrifice. I pray that my sons will one day trust in Jesus for their salvation.

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