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Friday, January 13, 2012

My Body, God's Temple

A friend recently asked a question on facebook wondering if she should get a nose ring. I think nose rings when done tastefully are beautiful.

distasteful and ugly vs elegant and beautiful:


"It's my body. I can do what I want with it." I'm sure we've all had a friend with this mantra as their focal point during adolescence. Whether it's hair color, tattoos, or piercings it seems there alway a trend for kids to jump on to be different just like everyone else.

However, the Bible has a different opinion than most teenagers (I know! What a shocker!). The Bible specifically says to not get a tattoo. So to me, that means don't get a tattoo even if it's of Leviticus 19:28. But there's grace and I would not condemn someone with a tattoo, even though I think they are all ugly.

As for hair color, I'm a naturalist. I like grey hair. If someone wants to dye their hair pink, that's fine. It's fun. But if I am so conceited that I can't admit that my hair is not naturally strawberry blonde, then this actually seems like a more significant issue that needs prayer. [I once had my older sister say to me, "I'm so glad you have more white hair than I do." Now I have no idea what her motives were. Perhaps this is a new way to be encouraging or loving, but I just thought it was odd and part of her awkward personality. My younger sister has solid brown, no noticeable silver at all. Absolutely beautiful! But she still said to me that she likes my silver streaks because it reminds her of tinsel. Me too! And tinsel reminds me of Christmas and angels! But I digress...]

I don't know what kind of nose ring my friend wants to get. I had a roommate once who had a nose ring that made her look like a pig. But she thought she looked cool. One person wrote on my friend's facebook wall that she should not get one. But I considered Ezekiel 16 where God is describing how he came to Jerusalem and found her (figuratively) and dressed her. He put jewels on her including a ring for her nose. And he called her beautiful. If God calls it beautiful, it must be beautiful. Everything can be corrupted just as everything can be redeemed.

Her friend wrote again doubting that my quote was in the Bible. And that got me thinking how twisted American Evangelicals have gotten. How often we have put aside what the Bible actually says for the substitute of some politician or conservative ear-tickler. Consider what the Bible says, not the opinion of man. I wrote to her and told her that we need to fight the urge to try to fit Scripture into our opinions and instead simply believe what the Bible says.

Her reply (I'm editing what I believe to be typos): Hmmm...I think too many people try to take scripture and mold it to what they "think" it means without really diving into it. I myself need to "dive" into it. To each his own on tattoos, piercings, etc. It's your/their body, but His Temple. so one should treat it as such in whatever form it may be.

I've been thinking much on what she wrote. From her picture she looks young. From her typos, I'm guessing mid to late teenager. She's obviously a Christian and obviously wants to learn more. Kudos for that. But she still has me thinking. And thus this blog post came about.

The passage that speaks about our bodies being God's temple is I Corinthians 6:19. Paul is speaking about sexual immorality. Don't have sex with anyone you aren't married to because marriage symbolizes God's covenant with us. He doesn't want us whoring with the devil. Our bodies are his temple. This is a very specific scenario.

Tattoos, I've already addressed. Piercings, I've already addressed. Sexual immorality doesn't seem to fall into the same category though. Also, we're talking the big BC/AD change. Old Testament dispensation was a different grace than New Testament. Tattoos are an OT no-no. Piercings are an OT symbol of beauty. Sexual immorality is always bad. Our bodies being God's temple is a NT analogy to help the OT temple analogy make more sense (that would be an awesome Bible study and I plan on doing it soon).

So, in conclusion, no it isn't your body. Tattoos = no. Piercings = yes. And only have sex with your spouse because God.

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